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This training has been carefully packaged to equip you with the skills necessary for efficient and effective data management, which is an essential ingredient in church administration for a successful ministry.

Churches are coming to realize the importance of incorporating quality concepts and tools into management practices. Many churches and para church organizations are now focusing on efficiency and effectiveness in the way their mission is achieved.

While some might argue that quality concepts don’t apply to the church, I would argue that Christian organizations should lead with quality. Quality is about how things are done and focuses on data driven decision making, learning from mistakes and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Churches need to collect data and use it to make informed decisions. Data tells a story and decisions should be based on the story church data tells. Data driven strategy and decision making is how successful organizations achieve objectives – for the church that means mission accomplished! This is important because the church is responsible for representing Christianity in a way that demonstrates excellence and efficiency.

Church Data Management is one way of doing that.

Courses include: Building a data management culture, Data analysis for effective ministry, Data and the church, and many more

Date : 29th and 30th July, 2021

Mode : hybrid ( online and onsite)

Fee: onsite   ………………. N15,000

         Online ………………..N 10,000

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Church Data Management Training

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