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Our Vision

To strengthen the church for the end-time harvest. Our values are:

Our Mission

To help catalyze churches’ dreams into realities by offering customized biblical management solutions professionally.

Our Cole Values

Our values of organization and excellence have helped to shape our innovative approach to consulting and training services, acting as a bridge builder between our client and their dreams. 

About Us

Church Management Consult is a specialized ministry organization that provides consulting and training services for churches and ministry organizations. Established by God in 2007 with a unique mandate to strengthen the church for the End-time harvest, Church Management Consult has and will continue to passionately pursue this mandate with grace and wisdom from God. As an organization with global presence and reputation, Church Management Consult has been privileged to serve various ministries – Orthodox, Pentecostal and Denominational and Non-denominational; as we are called to serve the Body of Christ and not a sect. We believe the Church of Christ irrespective of affiliation is ripe for a great harvest in the 21st century, in readiness for the second coming of our king, Jesus Christ – the Lord of the harvest. Our team and faculty members are distinguished by their functional and in-depth knowledge of the church organization combined with hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

Our Passion


With an assurance of God’s touch, we promise our clients the following when they carefully apply our principles;


Our clients vary in background, location and size. However, they all have a common objective: (to save and disciple people positively for Jesus). Our passion, pedigree and modus-operandi have assisted in the generated trust our clients possess with us.

Consultation Services

Our solutions are spiritually designed and professionally packaged in alignment with biblical and ethical standards.