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Matters of religion are very sensitive and personal because it touches the very soul of the society. That is why the society tends to tread cautiously when discussing matters of religion. However, there is an area that churches have not taken time evaluate and seek innovative ways to make improve. That is proper administration and management of the place of worship. Church Management Today Focuses on solving these management challenges. These are periodic events targeted at addressing churches’ contemporary issues. Our research and development team carry out need assessment based on the feedback received from our clients and event participants, and through interaction with church leaders to develop and package seminars and conferences to bridge the identified gaps in the church.We hold these events in different cities of the world in partnership with local Christian organizations.
Some of the topics discussed at our previous seminars and conference include;

Closing the Back Door of Your

Understanding and Applying the Purpose-Driven Church Model

Church Marketing and Creative Evangelism

Building an Effective Home Fellowship System

Effective Follow-Up Strategies, and many more

You can contact us if you are interest partnering with us to hold such event in your community.