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It is the desire of the Father that all men come to Him just the same way Satan desires all men to be damned. There is a lot of chaos out there, people going through all forms of challenges, a crumbling economy, wars, and killings, etc. Indeed, people are looking for respite. And the Church seems to be the only true solution to the plights of the world. However, even the church has not been able to prove herself as the solution center the world seeks. Many people have become discouraged because of what they experienced when they came. Some are even afraid of coming because they are not sure of what to experience. Many have even made up their minds that they will never come back to the church post covid. Our desire is that through this seminar, God will open our understanding to see how we can bring in as many people as possible into the Church of Jesus Christ. It is the New Testament Ark of Noah- the only saving net in this turbulent time!

What is the “Front Door”?

Your Front Door signifies the passage of people into your church- both Onsite and Online. It means that people are aware of your church, and they come around to see what goes on in your church. The more people you get through that passage, the more people are assimilated into the membership of your church. Come and you will be glad that you did.

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