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About Church Management Consults

Church Management Consult is a specialized ministry organization that provides consulting and training services for churches and ministry organizations.
Established by God in 2007 with a unique mandate to strengthen the church for the End-time harvest, Church Management Consult has and will continue to passionately pursue this mandate with grace and wisdom from God.

Church Management Today

Matters of religion are very sensitive and personal because it touches the very soul of the society. That is why the society tends to tread cautiously when discussing matters of religion.

Church Admin Training

Effective management of growing organizations suggests that managers and leaders must be on the cutting edge of relevant knowledge and skills in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Church Growth Trainings

The desire for growth is inherent in any human organization. Growth is not a product of wishful thinking. It requires commitment to certain principles and measures.

Church Management Trainings

Beyond its physical location, a church is an organization with a vision to expand the Kingdom of God on the earth. Whenever there is God-inspired vision, God is bound to provide resources.

Church Impact Trainings

The Church is not an organization that only engages in a set of activities which give people a sense of religious identity; she is a spiritual force that compels transformation within the community.

Seminars & Conferences

These are periodic events targeted at addressing churches’ contemporary issues. Our research and development team carry out need assessment based on the feedback received.

Our Books

Grow faster and better with effective use of our books and other available resourses

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Meet Our Faculty

Seyi Oladimeji, the Chief Responsibility Officer (CRO) of church Management Consult.

Seyi Oladimeji

Chief Responsibility Officer (CRO)

Seyi is a seasoned administrator with over twenty (20) years experience in Church Administration and Management and has been a pastor for over twelve (12) years.

A member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (MNIM) with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources Management (HRM); Pastor Seyi possesses a unique passion to eschew ignorance and empower lives with knowledge essential for destiny fulfilment. He is Certified Church Consultant and a member of the Society for Church Consultants based in the United States of America (USA). He is the President of Rescue Educational Foundation (REF), an NGO with a mission to revamp the educational system in Africa.

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